经过近2年的合作,阿伯茨福教育局国际招生部主任Dave Ryder在不久前对VPEA发来了一封邮件

不久前,VPEA温哥华的工作人员Jo 收到了一封来自阿伯茨福教育局国际招生部主任Dave Ryder的邮件,邮件中他肯定了VPEA的工作态度和做事方法,下面就让我们看一下他是如何评价的:


Abbotsford School District has been working with VPEA for almost 2 years now, and we have been happy with the solid support that they have provided to us while we have been working together.   They have good communication, are very helpful with logistics when we visit, and have connected us with good partners.  They have a good understanding of the Chinese and Canadian education systems, and really seem to care about their students.   We have been pleased with their work so far, and hope to continue our cooperation into the future.